Conference at Djurgårdsbrunn


Just about within’ a stone throw distance from the citys alarm, with an amazingly open nature experience just by the Djurgårds canal and its wonderful environment we can offer you a conference day in a quiet atmosphere. Our gazebo is perfect for the small group, and in the larger dining room there are room for about 44 people. Here we also have a welcoming lounge area by the open fireplace. 

From T-Centralen it only takes about 15 minutes to get here by bus 69. There are also a big parking lot (with a fee) for those that arrive by car.

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CONFERENCE IN THE DINING ROOM (4th of sep – 12th of may) 

In the dining room you can be as many was 30 people divided on two long tables, but if you are a larger group and are able to eat standing up from the buffet you can be as many as 100 people. If you want a U-table setting max attendees are 40 people. Lunch will be served in the smaller dining room. Included in the fee are wifi, a projector + screen, a small whiteboard, a flipboard, pen, paper and also a fire guard for the fireplace during the colder months.


CONFERENCE IN THE GAZEBO (all year around)

A little round house with windows all around(as it should be) and the marvellous view over the Djurgårds canal, its little bridge and its beautiful surroundings. You should also be able to see a few horses ride by. In the gazebo there are a big round table with room for 12 people, but if you’re 8 people you will have more space. It’s heated with radiators so it’ll be warm even on those cold, windy days. Included in the fee are wifi, projector screen, a small whiteboard, a flipboard, pen and paper.



You arrive at 8, 8.30 or 9 am, and we have then prepared a small breakfast with sandwiches, fruit, coffee/tea and sparkling water. We can serve the breakfast beside your conference or in the smaller adjacent dining room. At noon we serve the lunch of the day. For that you drink a light beer(light – as in low alcohol) or sparkling water. Of course some coffee after the lunch. At about 3 pm it’s time for the “eftermiddagsfika”. Coffee with some cake. At 5 pm the working day is over.  


Large room: 2000 sek The gazebo: 2000 sek Wifi, projector, movie screen, whiteboard, flipboard, paper and pen are included.


Whole day 420 sek: 8, 8.30 or 9 am – 5 pm incl. breakfast, fruit, lunch, sparkling water/light beer, coffee and cake. Half day 340 sek: 8, 8.30 or 9 am – 1 pm or from 1 pm – 5 pm incl. breakfast, fruit, coffee, lunch of the day with sparkling water/light beer. If you’d like to have dinner afterwards we offer our 3 course menus to a cost from 490 kr. Half day conference + 3 course dinner from 695 kr. The dinner menus are does not include drinks. All costs are ex. taxes.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you with your arrangement.